Q. Is a site examination required?

A. A site examination is always recommended as it allows a member of our team to discuss in more detail requirements such as staircases, walkways, protected escape routes, loading requirements, reducing the number of columns under your new mezzanine floors. This will allow us to produce the most efficient design and allows us to offer you the best possible price.

Q. What can a mezzanine floor be used for?

A. Typically mezzanine floors are used to provide raised storage, office space, production areas, workrooms, canteens, etc., but can be used for anything that requires additional space.

Q. How long does it take to install a mezzanine floor?

A. With a clear workspace, our mezzanine installation team can fit unto 100 square meters per day.

Q. Who makes sure that the mezzanine floor design, manufacture and installation is fully compliant with all Building Regulations and Fire Safety standards?

A. MFS will take responsibility for this.

Q. How can I be sure that Health & Safety standards are being adhered to during the installation?

A. All our Operatives are fully trained, skilled and have the necessary licenses and are insured to use any equipment needed for the installation. They are monitored and audited by our appointed Health and Safety Team.

Q. How long is the complete process take - from order to completion?

A. Normally this takes 2-3 weeks from order to commencement of the installation of the mezzanine floor. The length of time required for installation is dependent on size, use and finish.